Best Buddhism Shrines in Nepal

Best Buddhism Shrines in Nepal

Purge your spirit and recall Buddhism. Prepare to dive into the sacred place that is known for Buddha and Buddishm, stimulate your brain, get rid from the resulting negative consequences of materialistic life like tension, fatigue and frustration.  A blissful journey into the best Buddhism shrines following the footsteps of Buddha where the vivid prayers flags fluttering in the breeze, a move of shadow and light. There is maybe no easier method to feel Buddha than on these old Buddhist petitions, mantras and incredible images showed on them produce a profound vibration that is initiated and conveyed by the breeze over the world.

In Nepal you will feel the blessings spoken on the breath of nature; experience and explore Buddhism and its culture from the major Buddhist pilgrimages sites in Nepal and some of them are listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  This tour interestingly creates a perfect amalgamation of religion with nature, come explore Nepal through the eyes of Buddha. Following are the best Buddhism shrines found in Nepal


This is the origination of Lord Buddha and has been listed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. It is unassuming community in the southern Terai fields of Nepal, where the vestiges of the old city can at present be seen. At 84 years old, he left this world with a huge number of devotees to keep Buddhism alive. Lumbini has since been a sacred place for Buddhists everywhere on over the world. The reestablished nursery and environmental factors of Lumbini have the remaining parts of a large number of the antiquated stupas and religious communities. An enormous stone column raised by the Indian Emperor Ashoka in 250 BC bears an engraving about the introduction of the Buddha. A significant piece of Lumbini is the sanctuary of Maya Devi. It has stone picture of Maya Devi bringing forth Lord Buddha as she clutches a branch. Toward the south of the sanctuary , we locate the hallowed lake Puskarni – where Queen Mayadevi had scrubbed down not long before bringing forth the Buddha. Thera are in excess of fifty cloisters around the region. A visit to the various cloisters from various Buddhist school gives a significant memory. A portion of the religious communities are: Chinese cloister, Japanese, Monastery, Korean cloister, Tibetan cloister, Srilankan religious community, Burmese religious community, Indian and Nepalese cloisters. The other historical and best Buddhism shrines within Lumbini are:-

  • The Temple of Maya Devi
  • The Marker Stone
  • The Nativity Sculpture
  • The Holy Puskarini Pond
  • The Ashoka Pillar
  • Tilaurakot
  • Devdaha


Swyambhunathe is also a best Buddhism shrines found in Nepal. The Buddhist sanctuary of Swyambhunath, located on the hill top, west of Kathmandu, is one of the most well known, blessed and prominent images of Nepal. The sanctuary is conversationally known as the ‘monkey temple’ because  you can see many monkeys guarding this temple. Simultaneously, everybody visiting this temple should be cautious from the potential harm by monkeys. It is said that this temple is 2000 years old and one of the World’s most brilliant Buddhist Chaitys. The Chaitya or Stupa which shapes the fundamental structure is made out of a strong half of the globe of block and earth supporting a grand cone like tower topped by a zenith of copper overlaid. The temple is painted on the four sides base with the open eyes of Lord Buddha.


Kapan Monastry

Kopan Monastery is a Tibetan Buddhist monastry close to Boudhanath, on the outer reaches of Kathmandu, Nepal. It has a place with the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT), a global organization of Gelugpa dharma , and serving as its . By teaching Buddhism to the visitors specially westerners, it gained its popularity and become famous . Now this place is home to many monks, lamas,  religious teachers, volunteers and workers. In this monastery the monks come from across Tibet and Nepal age between seven to sixty years. This is the perfect place to know Buddhism and its footsteps  form expert devotees of Buddha religion.


Seto Gumba (White Monastery)

The White Gumba is situated  around 5.1 Kilometer from Swyambhunath. White cloister is a paradise to observe the dawn and dusk. Simply situated in the edges of the valley Seto Gumba is an all encompassing kaleidoscope of hues and rich culture that features the valley in the most awesome manner.  From the pilgrimage point of view this monastery is the right place to find inner peace where heavenly feeling began to sprout from natural rejuvenation resulting as calmness. The entire structure is built with rich Tibetan culture and architecture by revealing true value and color of Buddhism where, large numbers of paintings, sculpture and other composition helps visitors to understand Buddhism more deeply. Due to the blow of wind the sound produce as  form  whispering prayers flags along with its astonishing view and all encompassing presence makes you consider what life and you will lose time in nonappearance. Travelers visiting this place who experience the different smell, vibrant sound of prayers flags and reciting mantras can have the significant effect of holism within him/her and can spread the message of patient, peace, love and  calmness.

Boudhnath Stupa

Boudhnath stupa, well known for best Buddhism shrine is the oldest and biggest stupa in Npeal which is also listed in UNESCO world heritage site. It is situated about 7 Km east form downtown of capital city Kathmandu. It was built during the Lichhivi era, It is said that Tibetan emperor Trisang Detsan was involved to build  this stupa. It is recommended to visit this site either in the early morning or at the evening. The sun rays either in the dawn or artificial light in the evening looks so mesmerizing  along with its dome and grand cone like tower in the peaceful environment. The  whispering prayer flags attached the cone like tower from all directions  looks so astonishing. Vibrant of reciting Buddhist mantras by pilgrimages, spinning copper prayer wheels, light of butter lamp add value to the Buddhism in its supremacy form. Like in Swyambhunath the seeing eyes of Lord Buddha is painted four sides of tower symbolizing the awareness. Pilgrimage or traveler should take round clock wise respecting Buddhism traditions.

Namo Buddha

The Namo Buddha Temple is located around 40 kilometer to south east of Kathmandu in Kavreplanchowk district. This is the centre of attractions to Buddhist pilgrimage. Travelers or pilgrimage can reach there en route Dhulikhel. Dhulikhel is an ancient town of Newari community and one the main tourists attraction at present.  While reaching to the Namo Buddha, travelers can enjoy beautiful view of countryside. Namo Buddha has its religious significance behind becoming the major shrine to Buddhist people. According to Buddhism scriptures this place has historical believe of self sacrifice of a prince. According to religious texts when prince saw old starved female tiger feeding milk to his babies, he sacrificed his body to the tiger for her survival and feeding. Similarly tiger also accept the sacrifice and did not consumed prince’s bones. Those bones were latter buried in this terrain, the actual buried place is Namo Buddha today . After, 3500 years later when Gautam Buddha came to this village and realized his incarnation form that prince henceforth, he renamed this village is Namo Buddha. today Nomo Buddha is a best Buddhism shrine among Buddhist community.

Peace Stupa in Pokhara

The world peace stupa is located in Nepal’s most beautiful city  Pokhara. A massive stupa is situated on the southern slop  shore of Phewa Lake. This stupa can be viewed from different parts of city because of its massive size and white color. It is a peace and calm where the visitors or pilgrimage can have the magnificent view of Annapurna range, phewa lake and Pokhara city from this holy place. Since it is recognized as the symbol of peace and love, the huge idols of Lord Buddha is installed here.




Best Buddhism Shrines in Nepal
Best Buddhism Shrines in Nepal
Best Buddhism Shrines in Nepal
Best Buddhism Shrines in Nepal
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